Fortune 50 companies are in the news weekly for data breaches affecting millions of people across the country. As a small- to mid-sized Atlanta professional services business, what can you do to keep your business assets safe and protected 24-7?

With the speed that cyber criminals change week to week, it would be nearly impossible for you to stay up-to-date on the most advanced cybercrimes. A smarter solution is to work with a qualified Managed IT Security company to proactively protect your business from cyber threats like ransomware [LINK] and cryptojacking [LINK].

Many times, when we conduct a thorough scan of your technology assets, we find security breaches the business owner is not even aware of. This is why it is so very important to work with a qualified Managed IT Security company in Atlanta that understands how to fully protect your professional services firm. This includes conducting routine security audits to ensure you are always protected, including any industry compliance regulations you are required to maintain.

OT Computers will analyze your business, identify potential threats, and develop a sound strategy to stop security breaches.

OT Computers Managed IT Security Solutions Include the Following:

Email and Spam Protection

  • Advanced strategies to isolate malware and viruses
  • Cutting-edge Managed Security Systems to manage employee logins
  • Innovative solutions to eradicate spam, email threats and productivity zappers

Network Security                

  • Password security systems and policies to minimize vulnerabilities
  • Stringent firewall systems to block cyber threats
  • Rigorous 24/7 network monitoring

Vulnerability & Security Risk Assessment

  • Network assessment to determine vulnerabilities and opportunities for enhanced security
  • Device assessment to determine areas where corporate data could be vulnerable to a breach
  • Email password and authorization assessment to ensure one of your greatest points of vulnerability is secure

Learn more about our Managed IT Security Solutions, or give us a call today at (678) 789-0629 and we can provide you with a detailed overview about security threats that can threaten your business’s digital assets and how OT Computers can work with you to eliminate these vulnerabilities!